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Kotor Noir

The old city of Kotor, Montenegro, on a November night. After hours, and after tourist season. There was nobody else walking the streets, and no businesses open. Like exploring a movie set after the shooting has been completed–there were scripts, stories, characters here. What? Who? Why?

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November in Muir Woods

Winter’s brush only crimps the color palette in the redwood grove.

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Happy Solstice

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Back in California

I’m back in California. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this state.

1-01 - 2015_03_01 - 14302 California MdO 1-03 - 2015_04_08 - 25339 California PtReyes
Observe the spherical wavefront.
1-04 - 2015_05_02 - 26706 California MdO Joshua Trees praying to the moon.
1-07 - 2014_11_23 - 03824 California MdO
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