Just a Silhouette of Shadows

22 images. First published June 2016.

Street photography is usually environmental portraiture: people with the environment as a contextual backdrop. My instinct as a nature photographer is to reverse that pattern, and show people as fleeting transients within the environments they have collectively created.

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Thanks to Savatage’s Morphine Child for the title.

Seeing The Light

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Bratislava, Slovakia.

To the Ends of the Earth

This is a six piece preview of the full exhibition, coming soon.

Celebrating the spectacular natural landscapes I’ve witnessed as I travel this beautiful planet. Perhaps a bit of a trophy wall.

Green Green Hills

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Kaua'i, Hawai'i. The Na Pali coast is simultaneously carved and nourished by heavy rainfall.

Winter Haven: Shorebirds on the California Coast

Hosted on Exposure.

Thousands of beautiful birds migrate for the mild winters on central California’s beaches. Their actions and lives form a rhythm around the waves and tides.